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The Best Simpsons Memes Are Perfect For Your Most Awkward Moments

Sometimes you're Homer, sometimes you're Bart, and sometimes you're Lisa.

Few television shows have kept their finger(s) on the pulse of our culture quite as well or as long as The Simpsons. Despite its rudimentary cartoonish appearance, the long-running series offers some extremely high-brow satirical parodies and allegorical political gags. In fact, some Simpsons scenes have been so on-the-nose that they’ve even predicted future events. (See: Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, three-eyed fish, and other horrific natural phenomena.)

With so many close parallels to reality, it’s only right that the internet has made use of countless Simpsons screen grabs as memes. And, much like The Simpsons' mass appeal, their utility is extremely versatile—from goofy reaction gifs to witty comebacks. Here are some of the greatest Simpsons memes in history.

Ha Ha, I'm in Danger

“Ha Ha, I’m in Danger” is probably the Simpsons equivalent of the, “This is fine,” dog. Ralph giggling on a school bus while watching his bus driver be strangled pretty accurately captures how many of us have felt laughing into the void as our world crumbles.


Lisa's Presentation

You may not always have a captive audience for your next Twitter rant, but you can pretend you do with this meme template of Lisa delivering a presentation to a theater full of listeners. It’s the perfect home for your hot takes, or your strange passions.

Homer Backing into Bushes

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The “Homer Backing Into the Bushes” meme functions a lot like the “Grandpa Simpson Entering and Leaving Meme,” but with an extra hint of humility. Popularized by a gif of Homer Simpson backing into his hedges until he’s no longer visible, it’s the perfect reaction to those embarrassing moments when you wish you could disappear. (I.e., When you think you’ve landed a killer joke in the groupchat, but no one laughs.)

Old Man Yells at Cloud

Whether we like it or not, becoming old and crotchety comes for us all in one way or another. One day, you’re a hip youth, the next you’re shaking your head at the “TikTok teens.” The good news is, you can still show you’ve not totally lost it by using this meme when someone is mad about nothing. This is especially useful for when Twitter users pull the ol’ make-up-a-guy-to-get-mad-at shtick.


Am I Out of Touch?

Another Simpsons dig that will go right over the head of the Boomer you’re trying to dunk on, the “Am I out of touch?” meme is a two-part slide that follows with, “No, it’s the children who are wrong.” We recommend saving this one for your favorite out-of-touch local senator.

I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords


Sometimes flying the white flag can still be a W if you do it with enough sarcasm. The next time an overzealous commenter is taking over a Facebook comment thread, just reply this and mute the thread.

Bart's Chalkboard

Much like Lisa’s presentation, this is a pretty open template for any lesson you need to scold yourself into learning.

Grandpa Simpson Entering and Leaving


A perfect meme for when you log onto Twitter first thing in the morning to your feed filled with discourse about the latest celebrity gossip, and immediately log off.

Say the Line!

Best used when someone who’s all too predictable pulls something that’s exactly what you’d expect from them.

That's the Joke


While this might look like the Simpsons version of the Joker meme, it’s typically used now in response to someone stating the obvious.

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