Inside the Crazy Rich and Lavish Lives of the Bling Empire Cast

Here's what you need to know about the cast of Netflix's latest reality TV show.

If you're here, then you're probably one of the many who's gotten hooked on Netflix's latest reality TV offering: Bling Empire. The show, touted as Keeping Up With the Kardashians meets Crazy Rich Asians, is the perfect mix that makes for good guilty pleasure.

What's not to like about Bling Empire? After all, rich people's problems are the best kind of escapism as far as reality TV goes. Well, the show did a good job of introducing us to its cast of Asians and Asian-Americans, but it didn't really dig deep into the nuances of their lives.

Here, we peek into the lives (and Los Angeles mansions) of the Bling Empire's cast for the details of their family background, luxurious lifestyles, and more.

Kane Lim

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Singapore-born Kane Lim gets his fortune from an investment fund he started in Los Angeles. The entrepreneur took capital from his family and turned it into investments in fashion, real estate, and more. According to his LinkedIn, he also founded The Fashion Fund, an online store that raises money for charities like St. Jude's, Red Cross Singapore, and Holly Grove.

Kevin Kreider

Reality shows focused on the rich and famous usually feature just that... the rich and famous. As a change, Bling Empire has model Kevin Kreider to act as the show's Nick Carraway. (Yes, he's the only one in the bunch without a million-dollar fortune.) Born in Korea, Kreider was adopted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he says he grew up as the "token Asian."


Anna Shay

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Born in Japan to an American father and a Russian-Japanese mother, Shay is a textbook eccentric socialite with money and moxie to live her life by her own rules. Her father founded defense and government services contractor Pacific Architects and Engineers in 1955. In 2006, the company was acquired by Lockheed Martin for $1.2 billion. It was then sold to private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg for $700 million.

One of the show's main plotlines is Shay's rivalry with Chiu which—in true crazy rich fashion—centers around high jewelry. The heiress also notably flew to Paris to surprise friend Kelly Mi Li for her birthday. Casual.

Christine Chiu

Taiwan-born Christine Chiu belongs to several social circles including royal, high fashion, and more. In Los Angeles, however, she's known for running Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Not only is Chiu a Bling Empire cast member, but she's also one of the producers.

As a haute couture client, she spends tens and thousands of dollars on fashion pieces. In the fashion industry, specifically in Paris, haute couture is the most expensive and exclusive symbol of luxury. Each fashion piece is custom and made-to-measure, with a price tag that starts at the tens and thousands for just one garment. Chiu doesn't just stop at haute couture, she's also a client in another exclusive world: high jewelry.

Kelly Mi Li 

Entrepreneur and producer Kelly Mi Li has an interesting past. Her ex-husband landed in jail for a cybersecurity scam that left her out on her own. She turned to the entertainment industry and landed as a partner for various talent management and production companies.

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Jaime Xie

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Jaime Xie is an equestrienne-turned-social media influencer with a clear focus on luxury fashion. Through her father's Silicon Valley tech company Fortinet, she's an heir to a $3.5 billion fortune. On her YouTube, she has near-weekly hauls of designer labels that include Hermes, Chanel, and Dior pieces.

Kim Lee

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Kim Lee is a DJ, model, and host. If she seems familiar, that's because she's appeared on FHM Philippines' cover back in 2011. According to reports, she's worked with Kid Cudi, Kanye West and more. Aside from DJing, her other claim to fame is her hosting gig for YO! MTV Raps.

Cherie Chan

Bling Empire introduces Cherie Chan as an almost Japanese pop star. According to Bustle, she's also an heiress to a denim empire. These days, she keeps busy raising her son Jevon and daughter Jadore with partner Jessey Lee.

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