A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown Of The First Bond 25 Footage

The Man With The Absurdly Long Gun, and other pointers

We've got our first taste of what Bond 25 might look like thanks to a minute-long behind-the-scenes teaser of Daniel Craig's likely swansong from the role, and it looks like the opening section will make a lot of use of the Jamaican setting we've heard about from Barbara Broccoli.

"Bond is not on active service when we start the film, he is actually enjoying himself in Jamaica," Barbara said during that big announcement livestream from Ian Fleming's Goldeneye house on the north Jamaican coast. "We consider Jamaica Bond’s spiritual home. He starts his journey here."

Watch the footage and meet us below for a debrief.

So, what to make of that? It might only be a short clip but there are a few important take-homes from it.

For a Caribbean holiday, there's quite a doomy end-times vibe

Photo by MGM/Eon.

Very Apocalypse Now, that shot.

Bond now has a preposterously huge gun

Photo by MGM/Eon.

That's not a gun, that's a bloody harpoon. You'd only need a very big gun for a very big foe. Is this proof that Jaws is making a long overdue comeback? (No.)

Looks like filming is happening around Kingston and southern Jamaica

Photo by MGM/Eon.

At least according to this map, which focuses on the parish of St Thomas.

Bond's garage must be a bit tight

Photo by MGM/Eon.

With this open-top Land Rover Defender as well as the three Aston Martins he's going to get through in Bond 25the classic Vantage V8, the even more classic DB5 and the brand new Valhalla hypercarhe's going to end up chancing it on the double yellows.

Nice glasses

Photo by MGM/Eon.

Don't know who that is.

Nice glasses, part two

Photo by MGM/Eon.
watch now

Cary Fukunaga look likes he's in a Dua Lipa video.

Bond hits the club...

Photo by MGM/Eon.

Now, this is a new one. We've not seen Bond in a nightclub since Valentin Zukovsky's gaff in Goldeneye, and that was a nightclub in the chintzy, cabaret singer sense rather than a nightclub in the neon-lit, lost-everyone-in-the-smoking-area, do-you-need-some-water-mate sense.

...and bumps into an old mate

Photo by MGM/Eon.

Felix Leiter, as I live and breathe! Jeffrey Wright's Felix hasn't been around since Quantum of Solace, and has apparently spent the last 11 years hanging about.

Nice glasses, part three

Photo by MGM/Eon.

Didn't expect Rocketman would turn out to be part of the extended Bond universe, but here we are.

A first look at Nomi

Photo by MGM/Eon.

That's a character played by Lashana Lynch, who you'll have seen in Captain Marvel. Judging by this video, she and Bond bump into each other at the club. She is not wearing any glasses.

A very large explosion

Photo by MGM/Eon.

It ends with a bang. An extremely huge bang. Promising.

This story originally appeared on Esquire.co.uk.

* Minor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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