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How long would you last on this terrifying island?

Doll Island is a horror movie come to life.
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The story of the Island of the Dolls goes something like this: A young girl, a tourist, drowned on the island near the home of Julian Santana. Julian, fearing her haunted spirit, collected dolls from trash cans and canals and strung them up around his home to ward off her curse. Years later, Julian died, allegedly drowning just like the girl. He was buried on the island, his spirit unaccounted for, his dismembered dolls left behind.

Here, take a look. It's a horror movie come to life:

As far as horror movie tropes go, dolls—some legitimately murderous, others benignly creepy—are one of the most prevalent. There's a good reason, too, according to Science of Us. People are freaked out by dolls because, like clowns and humanoid robots, dolls resemble the human face but lack expression, reactions, and other innate human qualities that we instinctively search for in faces. In other words, dolls and the like are just off.


And nothing is more off than a cursed island of disfigured dolls.

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