Daenerys' Coffee Cup Has Been Edited Out Of 'Game Of Thrones'. Are You Happy Now?

And only three days after the entire world saw it

The fall-out over that coffee cup that was left in shot in the last episode of Game of Thrones is rumbling on and on.

Despite art director Hauke Richter saying that you're basically overreacting to an oversight which Thrones has managed to avoid for the last seven and a half seasons, and a snarky press release from HBO saying that Daenerys was actually nursing "an herbal tea", HBO has edited the coffee cup out of the shot. Stream it now and you'll see the coffee's gone, leaving Daenerys just holding onto her enormous post-battle Pot Noodle.

A HBO spokesperson confirmed to Variety that the version of 'The Last of the Starks' streaming on HBO Now and HBO Go has had the cup scrubbed out digitally, and that it won't appear on any transmissions of the episode in future.

Which you have to say is kind of a shame. If everyone had kept their cool rather than blurting out "I CAN SEE A COFFEE CUP AAAARRRRGGHH" then it could've become one of those fondly remembered cult TV moments, like Bouncer's dream inNeighbours where a dog dreamed that it could express its love for another dog by fulfilling the traditional human wedding rites, or the time Bobby Davro broke his nosewhen a flimsily constructed set of stocks he'd been locked into by Lionel Blair, Keith Chegwin and Jim Bowen collapsed. But you didn't, did you? You couldn't just let it lie. Now nobody's going to be able to enjoy that heady thrill ever again. For shame.


This story originally appeared on Esquire.co.uk.

* Minor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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