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What Do You Get When You Mix Black Mirror And 2020? A Mockumentary From Hell

From the creator of Black Mirror. As if 2020 wasn’t dystopian enough.
IMAGE Charlie Brooker

If you caught that viral ad from Ryan Reynold’s company, you know what to expect when it comes to content about 2020. Satan and the world burning? Yup, sounds about right.

Then let’s not forget about Michael Bay’s upcoming shitstorm Songbird that will follow a world ravaged by COVID...23. (Jesus Christ, really?)

Joining the bandwagon is none other than Black Mirror. The hit Netflix show brought the creepiest sci-fi nightmares to life, but what do you do when reality is worse than fiction? That’s what the creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, was faced with in 2020.

You can’t expect the messed-up mind behind Black Mirror to not produce something based on this year from hell. I mean, it's the best content there is. Together with Netflix, Brooker is releasing a mockumentary on 2020, aptly titled Death to 2020, which will inject dark humor into the darkest year of memory.


But unlike other episodes of Black Mirror, the mockumentary will be based on reality—and that’s probably the most depressing part.

“Even the creators of Black Mirror couldn’t make this year up,” says the trailer.

Hugh Grant is set to star as a “repellent” historian being interviewed about the hellish year, giving us a satirical peek at how the future will look back at the year of COVID.

Despite everything, I guess we can say, “Thanks for the content, 2020.”

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