Sex Sent Me To The ER and Other Quirky Valentine's Documentaries on Discovery+

These documentaries will make you happy you’re single this Valentine’s Day.

Did the headline catch your attention? Good, because the documentary definitely caught ours. Sex Sent Me To The ER is just one of the many unique documentaries coming to discovery+ for Philippine viewers. With another surge at our door, you might just find yourself celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year. And if you’re single, then these documentaries will make you wildly grateful for that fact.  

Here are four atypical Valentine’s documentaries coming to discovery+ for you to binge on this February. 

Sex Sent Me To The ER

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Best for: WTF moments

Even better than the title is the hilarious real-life stories the docu features. From accidentally electrocuted vaginas to stuck vibrators and broken penises, Sex Sent Me To The ER retells the most hilarious sexcapades that had partners checking into the hospital. Part hilarity and part cautionary tale, this is one documentary that might make you err on the side of caution. Or maybe just stick to more, ah, vanilla tastes. 


Ken and Barbie Killers: The Lost Murder Tapes

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Best for: Crime Lovers

Introducing the criminal couple Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, a duo that puts Bonnie and Clyde to shame. In the ’90s, a Canadian couple wreaked havoc in Ontario by kidnapping and killing young girls—and then filming their assaults and murders on camera. “Toxic” is such a light word to describe the Ken and Barbie killers. This crime documentary unravels the murder case that was Canada’s crime of the century.

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder

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Best for: Mystery Hunters

After binging the hilarious Sex Sent Me To The ER and suspenseful Ken and Barbie Killers, you can follow up your Valentine’s binging with the mysterious story of Anni Dewani, a newlywed bride whose life was cut short when she became the victim of South Africa’s most infamous and mysterious murder. Until now, her story has yet to find a satisfying ending. This is a classic “whodunnit” documentary that will appeal to the Sherlocks in the audience. 


Best for: Single People  

A wise man once said, “Don't let the haters stop you from doin' ya thang!” And that man was Kevin Gnapoor, the wise-cracking and cringe-inducing nerd from Mean Girls. Rajiv Surendra is now immortalized in pop culture history for playing Gnapoor, but nowadays, the actor has settled into a happy rhythm of slow living, which you witness on Homeboy. Follow Rajiv as he upcycles old flowers, makes homemade pasta sauce, and creates art from ordinary objects. Nothing could be more wholesome than an entire documentary about self-love. 


For lovers of documentaries, reality shows, and unique content, discovery+ is available in the Philippines for only P129 per month or P999 per year. 

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