All The Breaking Bad Easter Eggs In El Camino You Probably Missed

We've definitely met that spider at Todd's place before.

Warning: There are some fairly hefty spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story in this piece, so if you've not watched it yet you might want to skip it.

For a long time, it seemed that a Jesse Pinkman-fronted spin-off sequel to Breaking Bad would be the ultimate unrequitedly yearned-for coda for fans. But here we are.

El Camino landed on Netflix over the weekend. To return to Albuquerque and the world of Breaking Bad and not include a few nods to the original series would clearly be berserk, and there are Easter eggs aplenty for particularly observant fans to get their teeth/eyes into. These are the ones you might have missed.

Familiar locations

Some of the locations around Albuquerque get a last few minutes in the sun: we get a glimpse of both the mall where Saul Goodman has his law offices and a branch of Mexican-style green chili cheeseburger purveyors Twisters which stood in for Los Pollos Hermanos.

Photo by AMC.

The pizza on the roof

You'll recall that Walter White famously frisbee'd a pepperoni pizza onto the roof of his house when Skyler wouldn't let him in. And what does Todd offer to buy Jesse in an attempt to calm him down in El Camino? A pizza. Not just any pizza, though: "Pepperoni, sure, classic. I like that too."

Todd's flat is a treasure trove

There are loads of little nuggets to be found: there's Todd's old Vamanos Pest vest on the floor from the job he had prior to getting involved with Heisenberg, his snowglobe features tiny, creepy models of himself and his long-term crush Lydia, and he's still got hold of the spider Drew Sharp found in the desert before he was unfortunately shot dead. Plus! The cigarettes in Todd's car are Morleys, the same brand smoked by characters in Vince Gilligan's The X Files.

Photo by NETFLIX.
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The classic logo pops up again

You know the one—that one which says 'Breaking Bad' but with the 'Br' and the 'Ba' in squares from the periodic table of elements. It turned up in Walter White's flat in the main series, and it's there again when he and Jesse talk in the flashback in the diner. Keep an eye on the floor for two brown squares in the same formation.

Photo by AMC .

Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez live on

Well, we get a glimpse of their photos hanging on the wall at the police station.

"Yeah bitch! Magnets!"

Less an Easter egg than a callback, but Old Joe's remembrance of arguably the greatest hare-brained scheme ever devised was extremely welcome: "Magnets! That was a good one! I can tell you now that I did not think that would work."

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