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As far as I can tell, people that used to be good are bad, people that were bad are good, but the baddest person of all in Fate of the Furious is Charlize Theron. She has dreadlocks and appears to be some sort of hacker. Her specialty is controlling every car in New York remotely. This makes sense, in theory. If the NSA can turn our TVs and toasters into surveillance devices, then sure, Theron can do some nefarious shit with the computers in our cars. It's the same logic from that Simpsons episode where everything with a computer chip revolts.

That one person is able to navigate hundreds of cars through the streets is a little bit tougher to believe. Anyhow, "She's the very definition of high-tech terrorism," says Kurt Russell in the new trailer.

I believe it because the cars are messing shit up. Google's car people must be worried this movie's going to destroy their image. Thankfully, Street Sharks enthusiast Vin Diesel has an un-hacked car because he seems to be working with Theron against his will. Some of the good guys also have cars that are un-hacked. Are these cars un-hackable government cars? There's also a Batmobile that can't be hacked and vintage Cuban cars that can't be hacked and jets that can't be hacked and tanks that can't be hacked and ice skating torpedoes that can be diverted by a gentle push from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. But, holy hell there's also this:


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