Frank Grillo is Ferruccio Lamborghini in This Biopic on Lionsgate Play

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Frank Grillo is Ferruccio Lamborghini in This Biopic on Lionsgate Play

While best known for roles in action films like Captain America and The Purge, Frank Grillo has had a long and winding road to superstardom. The grizzled Italian American has dabbled in sports and martial arts and even spent some time on Wall Street. But he soon found the call of acting much stronger than anything else.

Over three decades in the industry, he has progressed from commercial talent to soap opera star to respected action icon and producer. With his starring turn in new biopic Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend, which premiered in the Philippines online on Lionsgate Play powered by PLDT Home, Grillo seems to be entering a new phase in his career.

As such, let's look at a few things you may not know about Frank Grillo:

1. He Doesn’t Just Play a Tough Guy, He Is One:

Growing up in the rough and tumble Bronx, Grillo was bullied as a kid. That ended the moment his father taught him to throw his first punch, and he's been throwing them ever since. He’s wrestled, boxed, and even trained in Brazilian Ju Jitsu under Rickson Gracie. That infamous elevator fight in Captain America? Grillo and Evans were really knocking the stuffing out of each other while filming, and have the bruises to prove it!

2. He's an Italian, through and through.

Though raised in New York, Grillo is an Italian at heart. Wine is one of his few guilty pleasures, and he professes a love for olive oil and bread, the quintessential Italian snack! He works this into his otherwise strict fitness routine and diet, which he credits for his impressive physique.

3. He Was A Late Bloomer in Hollywood

Frank Grillo’s first big break came in his 30’s, on the daytime soap Guiding Light, where he met his future wife. His transition to action movies after that was more gradual, finally coming in his forties with breakout roles in Warrior and Zero Dark Thirty, and reaching the next level with his unforgettable turns in Captain America and The Purge. Now, the 50-something Grillo is one of the most in-demand action stars in Hollywood.

4. Like Ferruccio, Grillo is a Ferrari afficionado

Ferruccio Lamborghini may be best known as Enzo Ferrari’s greatest rival, but he was first and foremost a fan. He famously had a Ferrari for each day of the week. Though low-key about his love for cars, Grillo also owns a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, and a number of other tasteful rides. He has even dabbled in car-themed thrillers such as Wheelman, so he does know a thing or two about driving fast!

5. Frank's role in Lamborghini is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Frank Grillo stepped into production of Lamborghini after the original lead exited due to scheduling conflicts. Grillo's Italian heritage, his background in business, his acting chops honed over the decades, and his trademark intensity altogether make him the right fit for this role.

In the movie, Grillo plays Ferruccio, both at the height of his career and as an old man looking back on it in his retirement. In this role, he is alternatingly brooding, introspective, charming, and intense. Lamborghini is a man who lived a long and storied life, and Grillo captures the feel of a man who has truly seen and done it all.

The movie follows Lamborghini, from his time as a young mechanic returning from the war with dreams of building better tractors for Italian farmers like his father. Following an ignominious loss at the 1948 Millie Miglia - the year in which Enzo Ferrari began his dominance of the event - Ferruccio concentrates on his budding tractor business.

It's lensed with stunning cinematography, with faithfully recreated historic settings ranging from post-war Italy to the roaring '60s. Jumping back and forth in time, it plays out the memories of an old Ferruccio interrogating his life in the year before his death.

Watch the official trailer below:

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