We've Worked Out All The Possible 'Game Of Thrones' Endings Hidden In That Spotify Playlist

DB Weiss and David Benioff say they've put enough clues in there to work it out.

David Benioff and DB Weiss have updated Game of Thrones' 'Songs of Ice and Fire' Spotify playlist←now renamed as the much less lyrical 'The End Is Coming' playlist←and apparently if you really concentrate, you'll be able to work out what's going to happen to Westeros over the course of the final season via its 50 songs.

"The answer to the ending is 100 percent hidden in the playlist choices," Benioff and Weiss told Spotify's blog. "No one will believe us, but it’s true. We were looking for songs that made us feel the way the show made us feel. There’s variety in there - Rage is not Johnny Cash. But they both have a deep inherent power." You can have a look at and a listen to everything on the playlist here.

The first thing to note is that 'power' features heavily, which makes sense: Kanye, Tune-Yards, Sleigh Bells and AJ Ghent all wang on about it in their songs. The second thing to note is that the first letter of the first four songs on the playlist spell out 'SHIT', which it's fair to assume is the other overarching theme of season eight.

Most of the songs on this megamix were included in the one that came out ahead of season seven, but there are a few fairly pointed additions here which, if you really squint hard, look like they're pointing toward plot points. You've got to read between the lines and then read between the lines between those lines. Let's have a squint.


Be My Fire by the Blue Stones

This one opens: "Baby, be my fire / Baby, be my flame / Baby, be the softly burning embers / Through December until June 2008". Fairly clearly, Danaerys and Jon are going to have - or at least lay the groundwork for - a tiny fire-breathing half-dragon-half-grumpy-northerner baby. It says it right there.

Here's Your Future by the Thermals

"God reached his hand down from the sky / He flooded the land then he set it on fire / He said, 'Fear me again, Know I'm your father / Remember that no one can breathe underwater.'"

Not a particularly cheery tableau, but anyone who took the piss out of the old gods and the new is going to get their arses handed to them. Sidenote: could also be that the whole of Westeros turns out to have actually been a nanoscopic society grown in a Petri dish in a lab, and is being washed out by a careless technician. One to bear in mind.

The End by the Doors

Yep, this is the end (my only friend, the etc) of the whole saga. But! Have a look at the lyrics along with U2 ("love is drowning") and the Thermals' vision of a Noah-style soggy apocalypse: Jim Morrison warbles about "waiting for the summer rain". There's going to be a huge flood, perhaps from an ecological catastrophe melting of the ice lands north of the Wall. The amount of carbon dioxide Gendry pumped into the delicately balanced Westeros ecosystem making his big hammer has to be at fault here.

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Wave of Mutilation by the Pixies

A cheery little number: "Cease to resist, giving my goodbye / Drive my car into the ocean / You'll think I'm dead, but I sail away / On a wave of mutilation." Fairly self-explanatory. A major character is going to appear to die but use the chaos to sneak off to a desert island off the coast of Essos to sip mojitos under a palm tree for the rest of their life, possibly forging a Talented Mr. Ripley-style new identity along the way. It's the ending Tyrion deserves.

Love Is Blindness by U2

If love is blindness, then perhaps having an extra eye makes you incredibly cruel - that would link up with the theory that Bran the Three-Eyed Raven is going to do everyone over this season. Then again, a spot of eye-gouging between former lovers who are now set against each other, like Jaime and Cersei Lannister, would fit too.

Or, more concerningly, a triumphant Jon Snow might rename himself Jono, and break off his coronation halfway through to get the assembled dignitaries to sing woaaaah-ohhhhh back at him before segueing into a very worthy speech about how giving just two silver stags a month can transform poor literacy rates among the youth of Winterfell.

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