56 Questions We Need Answered After the Game of Thrones Finale

Like: What is the ending of Tyrion's jackass and honeycomb joke?

We're still processing everything that went down in the Game of Thrones finale Sunday night. Jon Snow finally de-fogged his brain and killed Daenerys Targaryen before she laid waste to the entire country. Now he's off making a life beyond the Wall with the Free Folk. Tyrion went from prisoner to newly appointed Hand of the King. Arya set out on a voyage to discover the somehow yet uncharted waters of the west. Drogon flew off to mourn his mother, somewhere to the East. Sansa is a queen herself, not of the Seven Kingdoms as we all wanted her to be, but of the newly independent North. And Bran—yeah, Bran—is the King of Westeros. And the Iron Throne is now a pool of melted metal.

The final episode of Game of Thrones perhaps wasn't as blatantly bad as previous episodes, but it still baffled us. There are loose ends that didn't get tied up and unexplained plot points. We didn't see any of those many prophecies come true, nor get any clarity on the thousand-year struggle between the Three-Eyed Raven and the Night King. Almost all the protagonists made it out alive. It could've been worse, but it could've been a whole hell of a lot better. So as we continue to think it over, here are the 56 biggest questions that we need answered Game of Thrones series finale, "The Iron Throne."

1. Is there literally nobody left in King’s Landing?

2. Why does Jaime’s face look fine after getting crushed by tons of rocks?


3. Is it ash or snow falling in King's Landing?

4. Where did Arya’s horse go?

5. How were Jaime and Cersei that high in the rubble pile?

6. Oh, the hand is just perfectly sticking out conveniently?

7. So the Red Keep was damaged just enough to kill Jaime and Cersei, and left intact just enough for Tyrion to easily find their bodies?

8. How does Dany still have so many troops? Hasn’t she been hemorrhaging them all season?

9. Who is braiding Dany’s hair now that Missandei is dead?

10. Who eventually taught Dany to count to 20?

11. If Jon was the biggest threat to Dany, why did she trust him enough to get so physically close?

12. Is the Targaryen line completely wiped out now, assuming Jon never fathers a child?

13. Why didn’t Drogon kill Jon?

14. Can Jon control Drogon now?

15. Where did Drogon take Dany?

16. Did Jon confess to killing Dany? There wasn’t a body, so how did everyone end up finding out he killed her?

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17. Was Sansa upset that Bran was suggested as king instead of her?

18. What’s the point of the North being a separate kingdom if her brother is king?

19. Functionally, how is an independent North different from the other six kingdoms?

20. Why does the Night’s Watch even need to exist?

21. So the only women Jon will ever have sex with are a wildling woman in a cave and a mass murderer who was also his aunt?

22. Or is Jon just a full on wildling now?

23. What is west of Westeros?

24. No one ever bothered to look?

25. Is Arya now just Christopher Columbus of Westeros?

26. Why didn’t Arya ever have to use what she learned from the Faceless Men in the final season?

27. After all that, the Azor Ahai prophecy was nothing?

28. The Prince That Was Promised prophecy was nothing?

29. All of the prophecies were pointless?

30. Is Jon now the King beyond the Wall?


31. Was Jon abandoning the Night’s Watch and moving beyond the wall or is he still in active duty?

32. So Bran just looks at birds while everyone else rules for him?

33. Why had the Night King come for Bran so many times before?

34. How much of this could Bran see coming?

35. What kind of government is this? An oligarchy?

36. What’s to stop this new form of government from being just as corrupt and shitty as the last one?

37. If Bran has the power to see everything his subjects are doing, will he abuse that power?

38. Bran never wanted to rule when the Lordship of Winterfell was rightfully his. Why now?

39. If Bran does track down Drogon, will he allow the dragon to live?

40. What are Bronn’s qualifications to be Master of Coin?

41. Does Bran need a Master of Whispers when he knows everything already?

42. Will there be another Three-Eyed Raven after Bran?

43. What is the point of the Three-Eyed Raven? Does Bran choose another one?

44. Where are the Dothraki going to live now? It doesn’t seem likely they’ll assimilate into Westeros well.

45. What is the deal with the Unsullied now?

46. When did Podrick become a knight?

47. Why didn’t Brienne become head of Sansa’s Queensguard? Since when has she been tight with Bran?

48. The last two times Tyrion was a monarch’s Hand, they died gruesomely. Does Bran think the third time’s the charm?

49. Were those final scenes implying that Tyrion is the real ruler of Westeros and Bran is only the figurehead king?


50. What happens to the cities Dany liberated in the East?

51. Are we never going to know what the Night King wanted?

52. Are we never going to know what the point of the Three-Eyed Raven was?

53. Are we never going to know what the fuck Bran was doing during the battle of Winterfell?

54. Are we never going to know what the deal was with the Children of the Forest?

55. Why was there a plant growing up north? Does that mean it’s going to get warm there now, or just that winter is over?

56. What is the ending of Tyrion's jackass and honeycomb joke?

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