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George R.R. Martin's New Book Confirms One of the Biggest Game of Thrones Theories

Fire & Blood proves good, sweet Gendry has a huge role to play.

Four long years after he was put in a little boat in Dragonstone, dear sweet Gendry returned in Season Seven of Game of Thrones. When his character returned last year, actor Joe Dempsie told me his character has a lot in common with Jon Snow. "He sees in Jon Snow someone he has a lot of shared experience and common ground with, and a bond might be formed through that. With their fathers being best of friends, there's opportunity to form a friend in Jon Snow," he told me. "Added to that is over the intervening period since he's learned from Melisandre of his true lineage, I think that he allowed himself to become a little proud of it. It's like finally he has something he can hook onto, something that gives him a sense of where he's from and who he is. And so he's got a bit gassed about it-he's even made himself a warhammer with the Stag on it."

It certainly all does seem neatly tied together, but, there might be even more to it than just coincidence, as is revealed in George R.R. Martin's new book Fire & Blood. The history of the Targaryen house reveals the origins of the Baratheons. Though it had only been previously rumored, this historical text reveals early on that the bastard founder of the house Orys Baratheon "was a baseborn half-brother to Lord Aegon, it was whispered."

This means that Targaryen blood flows in the veins of the Baratheon line, the last of which is our boy Gendry.


But beyond revealing the origins of the Baratheon line, Fire & Blood also fills in the history of another important figure named Hugh the Hammer. Here's the description of another bastard who eventually becomes a lord:

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