What to Watch at the Third German Film Week Festival

Catch them until November 11 at SM Aura and SM North EDSA.
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The Goethe Institute’s 3rd annual German Film Week, which brings the very best of German cinema to international audiences, is currently in full swing at SM Aura and North EDSA. Although two out of the ten films being highlighted have already seen their last days on local screens, you can still catch the rest up until the festival’s closing on Nov. 11, Sunday.

This year, the festival is screening some of the finest films to come out of Germany from 2017 to 2018. Here’s what you can expect from the movies showing this weekend:

Only God Can Judge Me

Directed by: Özgür Yildirim

Synopsis: After 5 years in the slammer, an ex-con goes on one last heist before starting a new life. Things turn into an adrenaline-packed cat-and-mouse chase when the authorities get wind of the scheme.

Watch it because: It’s stylish, gritty, and littered with bullets—basically, everything you want in a crime film.

The Final Journey

Directed by: Nick Baker Monteys

Synopsis: A newly widowed 92-year-old former army officer goes on a 22-hour train ride to find one of his first loves. As he and his estranged granddaughter cross the Ukraine-Russia border, memories of war and sorrow start flooding back.

Watch it because: We could always use a reminder of how deeply people are affected by the consequences of war.

In the Fade

Directed by: Faith Akin

Synopsis: A woman’s husband and child are killed in a bomb attack. With the legal system failing her, she discovers the perpetrators’ true identities and plots out her revenge.


Watch it because: Diane Kruger in a revenge flick? Sign us up.

Forget About Nick

Directed by: Margethe von Trotta

Synopsis: Two divorced women are left behind the same apartment by their mutual ex-husband. Hijinx ensue as the two clashing personalities learn to either coexist or tear their shared home apart.

Watch it because: It’s a smart comedy about learning to let go of past relationships. Bring a friend who needs to see this.

The Captain

Directed by: Robert Schwentke

Synopsis: An army deserter finds an abandoned Nazi uniform during the last weeks of World War II. Donning the outfit, he masquerades as an officer behind enemy lines in an attempt to survive.

Watch it because: Equal parts dark comedy and historical drama, odds are you’ve never seen a movie like this before—and that alone already makes it worth checking out.


Directed by: Hans Weingartner

Synopsis: Two university students go on a road trip for drastically different reasons. Along the way, they debate on heady topics like suicide, capitalism, and drug addiction.

Watch it because: It manages to capture the demographic du jour: the woke millennial, making it required viewing if you want to understand who’ll be ruling the world in the coming generations.


Directed by: Wolfgang Fischer

Synopsis: While on a solo sailing trip, a woman comes to the aid of a boat full of shipwrecked refugees. As matters get more and more dire, she begins to realize the harsh reality that survival might be impossible.

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Watch it because: Few films tackle modern ethical dilemmas—let’s not pretend that a white woman being a hundred refugees’ only hope isn’t a relevant metaphor these days—as well, or as grippingly, as this film.


Directed by: Wolfgang Fischer

Synopsis: A German refugee assumes the guise of an author in an attempt to escape the Nazis in France. Then he meets the wife of the very man whose identity he’s stolen.

Watch it because: The premise is absolutely heart-wrenching—and the payoff of witnessing the complex story unfold, even moreso.

The 3rd German Film Week was organized in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines and SM Cinemas. Tickets are available for only P100 each, so feel free to treat a friend or two to a foreign film day. For screening dates and schedules, visit the SM Cinemas official website.

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