Did You Miss the Major? Ghost in the Shell SAC_ 2045 Continues the Stand Alone Complex Saga

The anime series airs on Netflix this year.
IMAGE Netflix

Hey, the gang’s back. And everyone looks different? Did our favorite cybernetic counter-cyberterrorist commander, major Motoko Kusanagi, always have super purple hair? Why does everyone look so… full? And where can I get my very own Tachikoma?

The latest iteration of the beloved Japanese manga has been done in 3DCG. First impressions? Ghost in The Shell SAC_ 2045 feels like a video game cut scene, but maybe we'll like it more when we see all 12 episodes in April.

Photo by Netflix.

So what are the folks of Public Security Section 9 up to? Well, it’s 2045, the world is in the grip of a Sustainable War (a “musical chairs played by nations”), and humans are on the brink of extinction thanks to AI. The members, who are really former members (long story), are now mercenaries tasked to deal with the mysterious “post humans,” and when things really go bad, they’re reinstated into Section 9.


As seen from its teaser trailer, there are blue skies, neverending roads, and perfect quiet. “Wonderful not to have any noise,” says the major as she surveys a lonely highway. But then, in the longer official trailer, we are thrown into the action, with the team on a mission. Rockets, big explosions, and what looks like a robo-maid reminiscent of those freaky geishas from the Scarlett Johansson live-action version are all in a day's work. And the major? She's in full control always.

SAC_2045 follows the anime television series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002 to 2003), and its second season, Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG (2004 to 2005). See the trailers below.

Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 arrives on Netflix in April. 

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