This Is Who Would Win Between Godzilla and Kong, According to Science

Here's a no-spoiler analysis of the epic clash.

Godzilla Vs. Kong is finally out. As always, people are already looking at the scientific accuracy of the epic clash. This time though, it's less about facts and more about who would actually win the epic clash in real life.

A University of Southern California morphologist (that's someone who studies the form and shape of organisms) has weighed in on the matter. Kiersten Formoso broke down Godzilla and Kong according to their attributes and abilities. And, it's wild.

Who are you betting on winning between the two titans?

Godzilla, of course.

I say Kong.


Formoso starts off by saying that when it comes to size, it's pretty fair. "Though Kong is a little bit smaller than Godzilla, both are more or less comparably massive in size and neither has a clear advantage here," she says.

Formoso's final conclusion is that Godzilla would win, thanks to his "armor-like skin, pure size, and his vicious tail." It's these extra frills that make Godzilla the more powerful feature. Simple as that. Read the full analysis here.

As for what the two titans are even fighting about... well, Twitter has an idea on a possible reason. We'd pay to see a sequel where Godzilla and Kong are in a long-standing war as K-pop stans.


h/t: The Conversation

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