The First Trailer for HBO's Watchmen Looks Absolutely Incredible

Damon Lindelof's long-awaited new series takes place years after the seminal 1986 graphic novel.

HBO just dropped a teaser for their highly-anticipated Watchmen series, and, shit, does it look stunning. Boasting a cast that includes Jeremy Irons, Tim Blake Nelson, Regina King, and Don Johnson, the series sees a world where superheroes no longer exist. But, as the trailer shows, it turns out, they were just "hibernating."

The new series, which showrunner Damon Lindelof has said will take place several years after the events of Alan Moore's seminal 1986 graphic novel, seems to be based around, at least partially, a gang that models themselves after the iconic anti-hero, Rorschach. We've known that Jeremy Irons is playing an aging version of the comic's central antagonist, the vigilante mastermind Ozymandias. In the teaser, we get our first look at Irons in character, meditating in what looks to be his dusty Bruce Wayne-esque mansion, perhaps preparing himself for a battle to come.

While details are still super thin, the teaser does show some interesting new characters. There seem to be several masked figures in the show, and based on what we're shown, it looks like the Rorschach gang may have some competition.

The comic relies heavily on the symbol of a Doomsday Clock, and it looks like Lindelof is using that symbol as a main driving force of his new series. Don Johnson's character mentions that we're at the "end of the world" at the close of the trailer, so I think it's safe to say that, whatever is going on, the fate of humanity is at stake. Let's just hope a giant squid isn't involved this time.


The series debuts in Fall of 2019 on HBO.

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