Footage of Henry Cavill's Infamous Superman Mustache Has Finally Leaked

The DC cinematic universe gave us many great and terrible things. Jared Leto as The Joker. Bald Jesse Eisenberg. Sad Ben Affleck. But among all the glorious disasters of Warner Bros.'s ever-crumbling superhero movieverse, the Superman Mustache fiasco was among the very best.

To refresh, your memory on this very dumb super-scandal, when he was filming Mission: Impossible — Fallout, Henry Cavill needed to go back and do reshoots for the DC blockbuster. The problem was, at the time, Cavill had a mustache in Fallout. But, instead of shaving the mustache, he ended up filming the reshoots of Justice League and his facial hair was removed with CGI. The finished project—Cavill's face with the mustache digitally removed—looked really horrible. We're talking a whole Uncanny Vally-type situation. And, considering the extensive media coverage the mustache got, we've never actually seen Superman's face with the mustache—that is until this week.

At long last, we're finally getting some closure on it by way of a behind-the-scenes picture leaked on Instagram. For years, fans have wondered what Cavill looked like as Superman with the full stache. Well, finally, we get to see it. A DC fan account on Instagram posted a BTS look at Cavill in his Superman regalia, mustache blazing. And, you've got to admit, it really doesn't look bad. In fact, we can finally say, Justice League would have been better off if they just let Superman have some facial hair. It works for him.


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