According to a Study on Arousal, These Are the Hottest Sex Scenes in Film and TV Ever

The people have spoken.

It’s official. That last emotional sex scene between Connell and Marianne in Normal People is the sexiest scene in film and TV history. 

Multiple studies have already proven the correlation between heart rates and arousal, and the researchers decided to put that research to the test. A recent study by FandomSpot found that the last intimate scene in Normal People raised the heart rates of 100 participants by an average of 38 percent. The study was conducted by giving the participants heart rate monitors to measure their reactions to 50 scenes on screen. 

With all the skin-baring content in cinema and sometimes shameless use of sex in television, the study surprisingly found that it wasn’t any of the obvious choices that had people’s hearts racing. Fifty Shades of Gray and Sex/Life, with all their raunchy and explicit portrayals of sex, didn’t make the cut. Curisouly enough, it was the scenes where intimacy outranked obscenity that topped the list. 

Here are the official steamiest scenes in cinema and TV based on the percentage viewers' heart rate increased.

1| The final sex scene in Normal People — 38 percent

2| The pottery scene from Ghost — 35 percent

3| The scene where they broke the bed from Jessica Jones — 32 percent

4| The infamous peach scene from Call Me By Your Name — 29 percent

5| The shower scene in Orange Is The New Black — 27 percent

6| The angry fight/sex scene in Mr & Mrs Smith — 27 percent

7| The scene where Izzie orders Karev to take his pants off in Grey's Anatomy — 25 percent

8| The butt scene in The Night Manager — 25 percent

9| Salander and Blomkvist in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — 23 percent

10| Noah and Allie reuniting in The Notebook — 20 percent

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