In Netflix's Into the Deep, a Documentary Subject Brutally Murders Someone During Filming


True-crime documentaries focus on criminals and the heinous acts they commit, meaning that these disturbing stories tend to merely present a recounting of the events in question—a retrospective point of view. After all, it's only the illegal activities caught on camera that make these seemingly everyday people infamous. Never before has a documentary caught on camera its subject as they were planning, let alone executing, a murder—unfortunately, until now. Spoilers for this title lie ahead!

Netflix's new documentary Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case started off as a narrative feature on Danish submarine and spacecraft engineer Peter Madsen and his small team's efforts to launch a satellite, and eventually a manned crew, into space. Only, Madsen later shockingly murders one journalist covering the story as production of the documentary goes on. What follows is a tragic reckoning for those in Madsen's inner circle, as they grapple with what their friend and colleague was responsible for and how they couldn't have seen it coming.

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Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case Is Now Streaming on Netflix PH

On August 10, 2017, Madsen took journalist Kim Wall on a trip aboard his mini-submarine, the UC3 Nautilus. The trip was essentially impromptu, as Madsen was noted to be messaging other women to go along with him and Wall only accepted because she had plans to move to Beijing a week later. After missing its expected return time to the harbor, the submarine reemerged the next day, but with Madsen as the sole passenger aboard.


Immediately arrested by the police, Madsen either kept shut or outright lied about what happened to Wall. While initially claiming he dropped her off on land sometime in the night, the lies soon began to unravel as pieces of Wall's severed body were discovered washed up on a beach or intentionally hidden at the bottom of the bay.

All this occurred about a year deep into production of a documentary by Emma Sullivan, in which Madsen was the central focus. Footage is shown of Madsen doing interviews for the documentary mere hours before he boarded the submarine with Wall.

The UC3 Nautilus, where the tragedy occurred.

Photo by NETFLIX.

It's truly bone-chilling how mundane the scenes of Madsen are prior to the murder. The documentary cuts back and forth between footage of the months leading up to the disappearance of Wall and the weeks that followed Madsen's arrest, and you wouldn't believe the guy has a fetish for torture or is a calculating murderer until it's too late.

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Ultimately, the documentary invites you into the inner circle of Madsen's close friends and has you empathize with the betrayal they felt thanks to the actions of a completely self-involved individual. All this while not laying too heavy a hand on the fact that you can never truly know a person's deepest intentions and inclinations.

Wall's family have since set up a memorial fund aimed at providing financial support to female journalists.

Into the Deep: The Submarine Murder Case is streaming on Netflix.

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