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Jake Gyllenhaal Confirmed His 'Spider-Man' Role and Perfected Instagram All At Once

The beardy, blowdried legend has something to teach you.
IMAGE Eric Ray Davidson

Jake Gyllenhaal has christened his new Instagram account with confirmation that he’ll play supervillain Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It hardly comes as a surprise. News broke that he signed on to the Marvel sequel over six months ago, and leaked footage showing him larking about in the costume on set emerged in October.

But better late than never. What’s more, his announcement came in the form of an Instagram masterclass. Watch closely:


An Instagram joke featuring your face is just a selfie with plausible deniability. On a platform where most male self-portraits look like 19th century wanted posters, Jake Gyllenhaal, the beardy, blow-dried legend that he is, can lead men forward into a bright new age of brazen Instagram vanity.

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So yeah. Jake Gyllenhaal is in the new Spider-Man film. It’s out 5 July, 2019.

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