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This Old Man Is Jared Leto

Another example of an actor blending into the role with industrial-grade prosthetics.

Yeah No, You're Not Going Insane. 'House of Gucci' has a very, very good costume and make-up department.

For a film that's not even out for another seven months, we've seen a lot of House of Gucci. The true-crime story, which is an adaptation of a 2001 book of the same name by Sara Gay Forden, is set to hone in on the really quite mad tale of Patrizia Reggiani: a woman as glamorous as her name sounds out loud, and one who was tried and convicted of planning the assassination of her ex-husband and one-time Gucci patriarch Maurizio Gucci.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga have been cast in the main roles, with Ridley Scott directing, so it's shaping up to be Quite The Watch. And sleb-starved photographers have seemingly documented each and every scene. Gaga force-fed Driver a panzerotti, and Twitter did alight. Gaga and Driver beamed and gleamed on the après in fur and diamonds like Davos tax dodgers, and Twitter did alight. Jared Leto aged around 40 years on a diet of veal and Marlboro Reds, and Twitter hasn't alit just yet but it will because honestly, the lockdown has really got to him.

Photo by MEGA.

Wait, what? Not exactly. In his role as Paolo Gucci – the grandson of the founding father Guccio Gucci, who caused a family and commercial schism when he launched Gucci Plus all on his own – Leto has undergone hours of heavy SFX and make-up to emulate the sort of weather worn, leather skinned Italian magnate that House of Gucci is set to immortalise. Don't worry. He's still the same divinely locked, blue eyed cover star underneath the rubber – so much so that Leto's been a Friend Of The Brand for some time now, starring opposite Lana Del Rey in a fragrance ad that was very abstract and fragrance-y.

Photo by MEGA.

It's another example of an actor bleeeending into the role with the use of industrial-grade prosthetics, like Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in the Bush-era psychodrama Vice, and Tom Hardy in crime biopic Capone. And it's impressive. House of Gucci still has a few cards up its sleeve.

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