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Jo Koy: 'Owner of the Car in Front of Me is Definitely Filipino'

As funny behind the wheel as he is on stage

How can you tell if the driver of a car is Filipino?

There are a few ways to find out. One is to try and switch lanes—if the driver speeds up to block you off or honks angrily, that’s a telling sign. You can also peek into the driver’s side window to see if he or she is contently munching on a bag of kasoy or kropek.

Jo Koy, every Filipino’s favorite comedian at the moment, uses a different barometer. Look:

“The owner of this car in front of me, the Civic, is definitely Filipino,” Jo Koy, who’s made a name for himself parodying, poking fun at, and paying tribute to Filipino and Fil-am culture, says in a short video posted on his official Instagram page.

Why does he say so? Because the Japanese sedan’s license plate reads ‘Earpone.’ Ir-pon. Get it? As in what you use to listen to music, expect pronounced with a distinctly Filipino intonation? You have to watch the video to know what we’re going on about.


Anyway, he’s a funny guy. Jo Koy also has some entertaining thoughts regarding Hawaii’s passion for Toyota Tacomas. Any locals from over there who can verify if the truck’s as popular as Jo Koy says? Check it out:

The dude’s Instagram page is chock-full of impromptu stand-up-worthy bits taking place from behind the wheel. If you’re a fan of Jo Koy, or of comedy in general, he’s definitely worth a follow.

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