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Will John Krasinski Lead the Fantastic Four in the MCU? 

Spoiler alert for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

When John Krasinski showed up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Earth-838’s Reed Richards, we can safely say that movie-goers lost their goddamn minds. For years, fans were campaigning for the quirky Krasinski to make his MCU debut as Reed Richards, and luckily for them, Kevin Feige listened. In the Multiverse of Madness audio commentary, director Sam Raimi shared that the studio knew what it was doing when it listened to the fans. 

"It's so funny that [Feige] cast John because the fans had a dream of who the perfect Reed Richards would be,” said Raimi. "And because this is an alternate universe, I think Kevin said, 'Let's make that dream come true.’” 

But here’s the catch: Fiege and Raimi cast Krasinski as Earth-838’s Mister Fantastic, not necessarily Earth-19999 or Earth-616’s Mister Fantastic. Raimi’s mention of an “alternate universe” also suggests that this might just be a cameo for Krasinski instead of a full role. Confused? So are we. 

In the multiverse of the MCU, heroes can be played by the same actor or different actors across varying timelines and realities. Loki and Spider-Man have different forms and faces in every universe, while Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff appear to have the same form and face in every reality.

That means that Krasinski has a 50 percent chance of actually being the MCU’s main Reed Richards, but given that this was a fan-casting scenario, the odds are not looking in his favor. It’s probably that Feige just performed fan service when he cast Krasinski in the cameo role, as history has proven that Feige prefers to cast relatively undiscovered actors in the roles of major MCU heroes (See: Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth). 


Or maybe we’re completely wrong and Krasinski will finally get his second shot at becoming a fully-fledged member of the MCU. In case you didn’t know, Krasinski actually auditioned for Captain America way back in the day, and his wife, Emily Blunt, turned down an offer to play Black Widow. The two went on to have wildly successful careers without the MCU, but who knows? If the fans get their way (again), we might just see them unite on-screen as Reed and Sue Richards. We can dream, right? 

The MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot is still in early development and won't be out for a while, but until then, we can enjoy this fan-made trailer of Krasinski and Blunt saving the world. 

Now if only Chris Evans can come back as the Human Torch.

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