A Jon Snow Sequel Is in Development at HBO, and We Are Not Excited

Clearly, the creators know nothing. 

Breaking news: HBO is developing a Game of Thrones sequel, and it’s completely unnecessary. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is milking George R.R. Martin’s GOT work for all its worth and creating a sequel series revolving around Jon Snow (Kit Harington). One would think that after that horrendous final season of GOT that the creators would get the hint and leave these poor characters alone. But no, even multiple prequel shows is not enough. The GOT universe might just resemble the MCU in 10 years. 

Like Jon Snow, the Hollywood Reporter knows nothing, or at least nothing much than the fact that the sequel is already in the works. No date, plot, or cast has been revealed, but if the sequel pushes through, then we might just see the return of the last surviving Starks—Sansa, Arya, and Bran—and perhaps even the other survivors of season eight of GOT. 

While the prospect of seeing Tyrion Lannister again is enough to have us hopeful, that’s about all the sequel has going for it. It’s been three years since GOT ended, and it’s still not enough time for fans to get over all the season’s betrayals. By the end of the series, Jon Snow had helped Daenerys kill the white walkers, conquer King’s Landing, and then killed the queen he once bowed to. Suffice to say, the rushed and inconclusive ending of GOT left fans with a lot of resolved feelings—and maybe a little trauma. For some, GOT ended at season seven. Anything after might as well be canon fodder. 

Photo by HBO.

But a sequel might just change all that. A series centered on Jon Snow the queenslayer might vindicate GOT’s messy ending, or it could just make it even messier. Either might not matter to HBO, since it’s already making six other prequel shows set in different eras of GRRM’s world. The more is merrier is clearly HBO’s life motto.  

If the GOT Jon Snow sequel makes it to screen, then get ready for a whole season stuck in the icey landscape of beyond the wall. Which sucks for the millions of fans who shamelessly skipped the wall scenes from seasons one to eight. 

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