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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loved 'The Last Jedi' So Much He Wrote A 2,000-Word Essay Defending It

Chill out, Joe.

Look, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants you to know that he absolutely definitely DID NOT write a 2,000-word Medium post defending The Last Jedi because he's friends with Rian Johnson, the film's director. Oh, or because has a cameo role, because that doesn't effect anything. He's just a fan, guys. He just wants to share his opinion, guys.

Accusations of insider trading aside, Gordon-Levitt did indeed write a 2,000-word essay defending the film and, more specifically, the actions of grumpy Luke Skywalker, who appeared frail and flawed in the latest film, which apparently upset some fans who see him as a paragon of virtue.

“A New Old Skywalker” by @hitRECordJoe    
—Medium (@Medium) January 18, 2018 

According to Gordon-Levitt, Luke is the vessel that The Last Jedi uses to tell the story of "one of the most universal truths of human experience—getting older". 

"A flawed main character is one of the main distinctions between a story with substance and a gratuitous spectacle," Gordon-Levitt continues. "It’s often through a character overcoming their flaws that a movie can really say something." 

Furthermore, JGL reckons the whole point is about "Not losing faith: faith in the outside world, faith in your allies as well as your enemies, in the future as well as the past, in the next generation that will take your place, and, yes, faith in your own damn self." 

Er, yeah, thanks Joe.

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