Still Reeling from Snyder's Justice League? Watch These Side-by-Side Comparisons of Snyder vs. Whedon

It's a tale of two directors.

Zack Snyder’s four-hour magnum opus is a sight to behold. It might have taken years to get it made, but after seeing the intricate detail, compelling storytelling, and cinematic brilliance of Snyder’s director’s cut, we know it was well worth the wait.

But now that it’s finally out, fans can’t help but compare it to the hack job released by Joss Whedon in 2017. Before the Snyder Cut was released, Snyder revealed that he volunteered to not get paid one dime for the 2021 release in exchange for complete creative control, without the noses of studio execs butting in. The four-hour cut we saw last Thursday is a product of Snyder’s unfiltered, unhindered vision, and it just goes to show how important having a vision is in the first place—as Whedon’s version was sorely lacking one.

If you thought that the Snyder Cut would appease fans and lessen the amount of Whedon thrashing, you thought wrong. Now that both versions are out, the differences between the two are even more startling—and frustrating. Luckily, one YouTuber—a Filipino DC fan, at that!—has released a series of Justice League 2021 vs. 2017 comparison videos that show the difference of the two directors.

Here are five essential JL scenes and how they were portrayed in the 2017 and 2021 versions.

1| Wonder Woman Saves London

2| Batman Recruits Flash

3| Wonder Woman vs. Steppenwolf

4| Superman vs. Flash

5| Gordon Meets the Justice League

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