Michael B. Jordan's Creed Universe: Every Potential Spinoff Movie, Show, and Anime in the Works


Creed is getting a massive expansion plan, and Michael B. Jordan is leading the charge. The actor’s directorial debut, Creed III, is an undisputed success with fans and critics, cementing Jordan’s status as a bonafide director. Within weeks of its premiere, Creed III has already racked up $185 million at the box office, already surpassing the first film ($173 million) and is just 30 million shy of beating the second film ($214 million). Jordan's directorial debut just pushed the entire Creed franchise past the half-billion mark. 

Creed III is being touted labeled the best film in the trilogy yet, and it’s hard not to see why. While Creed I and II were successful movies in their own right, the two films were still firmly stuck in the Rocky legacy’s massive shadow. But in the third installment of the trilogy, Adonis Creed is standing on his own two feet without relying on Rocky Balboa as a crutch, which is in part thanks to Jordan’s portrayal and direction in the film.

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With Creed’s international success, it should come as no surprise that word of a potential Creed Universe has leaked to the public. It’s no secret that Amazon is milking all of its IPs for all its worth, and based on recent news, Creed is worth a hell of a whole lot. With Amazon’s acquisition of MGM Studios, Amazon now has the power to expand the Creed-Verse into more movies and shows, which is apparently now on the table in light of Creed III’s financial success.


"Building the Creed universe is something that I’m really excited about,” said Jordan on a red carpet.

According to Deadline, the soon-to-be expanded franchise is still in its early stages, but there’s already a rough draft of what’s to come. Movies, shows, live-action, animation—there’s lots in store for the future of the Creed-Verse.

Here’s everything we know about the Creed Universe.

Creed Universe TV Shows

Live-Action Series

According to Deadline, a live-action TV series is being discussed. The series would act as a companion show to the Creed trilogy, which makes us believe that MBJ could potentially star in it too.

A live-action series would continue the Rocky/Creed legacy into television for the first time, and we’d bet our money that it would star new characters instead of rehashing the old. At its core, Creed was always about passing the torch, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a possible show saw Adonis Creed pass his torch to someone else.

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Amara’s Spinoff

But what if that someone else is his own daughter, Amara Creed? A potential project center on Amara is on the table, according to Deadline. Mila Davis-Kent made her film acting debut in Creed III as little Amara, and fans wouldn’t mind seeing Amara take her father’s crown and become a fighting legend in her own right.

Anime Series

Now, this might be the spin-off we’re most excited about. Michael B. Jordan is an avid fan of anime, so much so that Creed III was inspired by One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach. From the closeup shots of flying sweat to the slow-motion collisions, the fight scenes of Creed III were essentially anime scenes that came to life. An anime project seems like the next natural step for Jordan should he lead the Creed Universe’s expansion.

Creed Universe Movies

Drago Spinoff

The Dragos will return in a highly anticipated spinoff movie. Written by Robert Lawson, the Drago spinoff will focus on another boxing mentor-mentee duo: Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and his son Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu). Drago was introduced in the Rocky movies as Rocky Balboa’s rival, while Victor made an appearance in the Creed trilogy as Creed’s nemesis.


The Dragos have been mainstays in the Rocky and Creed franchises for years, but this spin-off will be their first time getting all the limelight. The spin-off was announced in 2022, just after MGM was acquired by Amazon.


Another anime project is being considered, this time potentially a film, but nothing else is known. If it does push through, we can only expect the best from Michael B. Jordan.

Photo by MGM.

Dame Spin-Off

Now, this is a special one on our wishlist. There’s no word yet on a project with Damian "Diamond Dame" Anderson, but we can dream, right? After Jonathon Majors’ magnetic performance as Dame in Creed III, it would be a damn shame to leave him out of the Creed Universe. A spinoff would be the dream, but we wouldn’t mind settling for a cameo.

“I know [the Creed Universe] has always been an aspiration for brother Michael,” Majors said to Variety. “I will be as involved as brother Michael will let me.”

As for his thoughts on the Creed Universe, Majors is just as excited as the rest of us:

“I don’t know how far [Michael’s] going to take it. I’ve seen a few things that are very exciting. It’s on now. He’s got the ball. He’s gonna run with it.”

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