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See Photos of a Live-Action Film Starring the Philippines' Colorful Bugs

After five years in the making, Mikro will hopefully be released this year.

To the excitement of insect enthusiasts, Mikro might soon be ready for release. A project five years in the making, Mikro is a live-action film created by French filmmakers Alexander Weidner and Michael Perfect. Its cast? The Philippines’ wide array of creepy crawlies.

Shot in a way that's never been seen before, Philippine insect life is given a voice—quite literally—in this upcoming film. It’s not a documentary by any means, but a fictional film—a drama-comedy at that!—with a plot and everything, only its cast of character are a bunch of critters. Starring the tiny aliens of earth, Mikro features Philippine and European bees, spiders, dragonflies, and more.

We’re sure they were all very professional during taping.

Mikro began filming in the Philippines in 2016 and then had two years of editing and writing from 2017 to 2018, with an additional year of filming in the Philippines in 2019. In 2020, Mikro is still undergoing post-production and may be released this year.


Bugs are rarely the cause of such excitement, what with man-killing "murder" hornets making headlines, but Mikro portrays these native insects in an almost fantasy-inspired way. The close-ups might cause a few goosebumps at first, but after a minute, the glorious colors and details of these curious creatures will amaze you. Take a look below:

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The queen of the weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina sp.) is responsible for the founding of a new colony. She will lay her first batch of eggs on a leaf, and nurture the larvae until they’re ready to work. Living in the Philippines, she might accomplish her goal, instead of ending dipped in flavouring and sold in sachets on a Thai market as a good source of protein fiber ($6,60) ???? Photo by @michael._.perfect MIKRO • The first fiction where all the characters are real #insects. Follow the project on #weaverants #philippines #philippines???????? #batangas #ants #weaver #queenant #oecophyllasmaragdina #insect #naturephotography #gooutside #macro #canon100mmmacro #lumixgh4 #macro_holic #cute #goodmorning #mothernature #instanature #macro_mood #macromood #abugslife #macrophotography #ant #macro_highlight #macro_brillance #galleri_makro #kings_macro #Arthropod_Perfection

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One of the innumerable stunning Paru-Paro (tagalog butterfly) we filmed this week in Milea Bee Farm (Batangas, Philippines). This one is called a Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon agamemnon Linnaeus 1758); his other names are the Green-spotted Triangle, Tailed Green Jay, or the Green Triangle. Discover MIKRO • The first drama/comedy series where all the characters are real #insects. Follow the project on #paruparo #butterfly #mikroworld #alien #batangas #philippines #insect #wildlife #closeup #perfect_macro #top_macro #macro_captures #naturelover #nature_shooters #cute #earth #instanaturelover #macro_secrets #photooftheday #macro_highlight #macro_spotlight #gooutside

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