Netflix's My Name Is Your Next K-Drama Binge—But Don't Expect a Season Two


So you've binged Squid Game, what do you cue up next? Well, Netflix has a new K-drama on tap, for just this very reason. Enter: My Name, starring Han So Hee, which follows the story of Yoon Ji Woo as she seeks revenge for her gangster father's grisly murder (an event that, we must add, happened on her birthday, which is a big bummer).

The eight-episode series has noticeably fewer kid games, but there's still a decent amount of blood and anger, for fans looking for similarities. (Though, considering its mounting popularity however, My Name—fun fact: it was originally called Undercover—likely doesn't need any Squid Game side-by-sides to stand on its own.)

The grisly series dives into a corrupt police force and a powerful drug ring, which ultimately is what spelled disaster for Ji Woo's father. She joins the ranks of the underworld organization (and then eventually the police) with one simple objective: kill the man responsible for her father's death. It's a precarious chase, with Ji Woo betraying both sides in favor of her mission, and let's just say that whole old saying about digging two graves before setting out on the path to revenge? It holds up. Maybe just not in the way you're used to.

What About a Second Season?

As for a second season, the likelihood is slim to none. Sorry. There are a few reasons for that. The first is that the series burned through its material, taking Ji Woo on a ride that, in terms of plot development, spanned years in the course of eight episodes. And by the end of the series (no major spoilers) the story is wrapped up, so much so that it offers an epilogue of the major events.


The other issue at hand is that Western viewers have something to get used to when it comes to the majority of K-dramas. Unlike the stateside productions, Korean dramas tend to run one season and call it a day. The episode count may vary, but each story is usually completed. So the question becomes less of "will it have a second season?" and more should it.

It's not a surprise then that, Netflix has not announced a second season of My Name. If it does in the future, however, we likely won't see the product for at least another year as nothing is currently in development.


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