Jacob Batalon Teases Future Villain Roles Are 'In the Works'

Is Ned Leeds's turn as Hobgoblin coming in the 'Spider-Man' franchise?

Ever since Jacob Batalon's character in Spider-Man: No Way Home learned that a version of Peter Parker's best friend once turned villain in the multiverse, MCU fans have been absolutely stoked by the prospect of a Hobgoblin appearance. Marvel and Sony have been dead quiet regarding the next Spider-Man film, but that hasn't stopped Batalon from having fun with his fans.

Speaking about his upcoming role as Syfy's Reginald the Vampire on House Beautiful's Dark House podcast, Batalon was asked if he would ever consider playing villains going forward. (A future that, you know, could see Spider-Man's buddy playing opposite Tom Holland as the villain.) "You know, I'd love to," he teased. "I feel like as an actor [when I was in drama school] I really gravitated more towards really dark dramatic things as opposed to comedy and things of like that nature but I found, you know. playing Ned and Reginald, it has sort of given me this light where I wasn’t seeing things so negatively and I wasn’t thinking so deeply or darkly about things... it’s a very light presence and it’s been a very positive effect on my life. So I feel like... I’m looking forward to doing a lot of other things, which you know people may not see me doing right now. But yeah, those things are in the works for sure."

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This isn't the first time Batalon has expressed interest in returning to Spider-Man as the villain. While his character, Ned Leeds, has more in common with Miles Morales' best friend Ganke Lee than the former Daily Bugle reporter who turns into the Hobgoblin, it hasn't stopped fans from speculating about his character's future in the MCU. Posting a photo in an Instagram Story this past June, Batalon posed coyly while holding a Hobgoblin action figure, adding further fire to the popular fan-casting.

A follow-up to Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently in development, according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, with both Tom Holland and Zendaya expressing interest in reprising their roles as Peter Parker and MJ. No Way Home smartly ended in a way where Sony and Marvel could part ways in their collaboration and begin anew. But after the massive box office success of No Way Home, it's entirely possible that we could see a fourth film in the franchise. Maybe one that even involves Spider-Man fighting his friends.

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