5 Netflix Hacks You Didn't Know You Could Do

You can lock your Netflix profile, search through hidden categories, and more!

Did you know that you can narrow down your Netflix search in over more than 150 different ways via their hidden categories? Or that you can now actually lock your profile to keep relatives from discovering your potentially questionable “currently watching” list? If you haven’t come across these extremely useful features yet, read up on them below along with a few more tips to maximize your Netflix experience. 

1| Search from hidden categories 

Sick of scrolling through the same titles over and over again? Unbeknownst to most, Netflix actually has a list of very specific categories that might just help narrow down your search or pull up titles you haven’t come across with before.  

To find these hidden categories, enter https://netflix.com/browse/genre/xx on your laptop’s search bar, and replace the “xx” with one of the codes that can be found on this list. A few distinct categories you might like include Classic Musical Comedy, Film Noir, Screwball Comedies, Dramas Based on Books, Deep Sea Horror Movies, and Korean TV shows, among others.

2| Turn on audio description

If you’re watching with someone who’s visually impaired, make sure they can still get the full audio experience by turning on the audio description. This will activate a voice narration for scene descriptions including characters’ facial expressions, movements, and scene transitions. The feature is available for Netflix’s original content and may be turned on by scrolling down the Audio & Subtitles settings of a specific show or movie, and choosing the Audio Description option.


3| Lock your Netflix profile

While being able to watch Netflix through multiple profiles with just one account may be a definite money-saver, there’s no escaping those sneaky relatives who can easily click on your profile and see what you’re currently watching. If you’d rather not have your parents find out about the films you saw last night, Netflix has finally come up with a solution.

Simply lock your account! To put a pin on your personal profile, proceed to the icon on upper-right hand corner of your screen and click Account. From here, scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls, tick the drop down menu by your name and click Change beside Profile Lock to enter a four-digit pin.

4| Customize subtitles

You can also customize your subtitles by changing the font, or making them more visible by adding a background color. Once again, click on your Account, scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls and choose Subtitle Appearance to proceed to the window found on the photo, below.

5| Sort titles in order

By default, titles on Netflix are automatically sorted starting with the films and TV shows that are most suggested for you. However, if you’d rather look through their content in alphabetical or chronological order, you may do so by clicking on the four dots on the upper-right hand corner of the screen just below your profile’s icon. Here, you may also choose to organize the titles from “Year Released,” “A-Z,” and “Z-A.”

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