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Queer Eye’s Antoni, Tan, and Jonathan Share Their Most Candid Feelings About Season 3 (and Bruley)

The trio gives us a behind-the-scenes look at memorable moments from the show.
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You could hear Tan France’s laugh echoing through the speakers in the room. Queer Eye’s resident fashion maven France, food expert Antoni Porowski, and grooming (and Game of Thrones) guru Jonathan Van Ness were available for a phone interview with us following the launch of their show’s third season on Netflix.

The three were exactly as they are on the show, which meant the chat was going to be messy in the best way. They shared their thoughts on some of the heroes they made over in Season 3, working together as the Fab 5, and the show's breakout star, the French bulldog Bruley.

On trends they wish never happened

ANTONI POROWSKI: It's not necessarily a trend, but it comes up in a lot of food from like, creative bakeries: when people add unnecessary amounts of food coloring, that's like artificial coloring.

That kind of frustrates me because I love just seeing food and like actually kind of recognizing the ingredients, and when you have like different colors that pop up that really shouldn't be there... The only exception to the rule is the red velvet cake, because it's a part of American culture. Other than that, just keep it natural, whenever possible.


JONATHAN VAN NESS: Mine will be similar. Like, really, like overly bleached hair, but with those bright colors over them. When a client wants really, really bright pink, blue, purple, green, orange, like those really loud colors you have with pre-whitened hair with bleach, it's so dry that it messes with the integrity of the hair. 

TAN FRANCE: Mine would be cargo shorts. I will never like them.

On learning Shorty and Little earned over $75,000 selling their sauce after Episode 3, Jones Bar-B-Q 

AP: Woooooow.

JVN: It kind of reminds me of [someone] with like a million, like a lot of Instagram followers, and you get a really good shout-out, and you get a whole lot of followers. This huge platform has given them this visibility. They've been honing their craft, making excellent barbecue sauce and excellent food for a long time, so it's like, yes, we gave them a leg up, but they've also done the hard work. 

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TF: Shorty and Little are great, great, great women, we love them very, very, very, very much.

AP: Basically echoing what Jonathan said, like that foundation was really all there. We just made it a little easier for them to just sort of go through with it.

On arranging Jess’ emotional reunion with her biological sister in Episode 5, Black Girl Magic

JVN: That's really the best question for Bobby; he did the most work there, but I'm gonna try to do this one. I think it was really about helping Jess feel comfortable. We only wanted to make her, like, more at ease. I think we really just tried to create a safe space for her and her sister, and I was really happy that we were able to. 

AP: I'll just say, with a lot of our field trips, we try to let things happen organically, and that was a conversation that actually happened between Bobby and Jess. The opportunity came up, and then production sort of assisted in facilitating that interaction. We certainly wouldn't want to force it—not that she has a good or bad relationship with her biological family at this time—but we wanted to basically bring something up that she herself sort of, like, had the seeds planted for. It's not about creating drama, but more like just opening doors for communication.


On helping Rob move on with his grief in Episode 6, Elrod and Sons

TF: Every one of us suffered losing a person very close to us, so I think it prepared us to be able to help, to get him through that. However, everybody's journey is unique and individual. I think the reason why we were able to help Rob is because he was so ready to move forward. But I think if he wasn't, it would've been a very different episode.

On how they really felt about Bruley joining the Fab Five 

IMAGE: Netflix

TF: [It was] definitely not my idea! (laughs) Just so we're clear, I fought against it, and I lost.

JVN: I voted for like 25 cats, and we didn't get that, so.

AP: My vote won, with the dog. One of us has gotta be supportive here! (laughs) One of our producers on the show came to Kansas City with her dog, and the dog was on the set. I don't think it was a pre-planned thing, but we just decided it would be really nice to have a dog with us. It was a production decision. 

JVN: *whimpers*

AP: Jonathan is getting really emotional because he misses Bruley so much.

On who they think Bruley’s favorite is in the group

IMAGE: Netflix

TF: Oh, probably Bobby!

JVN: Bobby. Bobby feeds him all the time.

AP: Bobby would feed him a lot.

TF: A lot.

AP: A lot of ranch dip, yeah.


TF: Probably things he definitely shouldn't have been eating!

Queer Eye’s third season is currently streaming on Netflix.

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