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Cebu Lechon Will Headline Netflix's New Street Food Series

Like lechon, nilarang bakasi, lumpia, and more!
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It's no secret that Cebu is a food lover's paradise. Everyone knows it's the home of flavorful and crispy lechon that doesn't even need sauce to get you hooked. And if you've been around the city like a local, then you also know the not-so-hidden gems that tourists—both local and international—seek out. That's what you'll see in one of the episodes of Netflix's new series, Street Food, which starts streaming on April 26.

But it's not just the food that'll be the star of the show. Since it's from the creators of Chef's Table, you'll also learn more about the individual stories of the people who make up Cebu's street-food scene. Cebu will be one of nine Asian cities featured in the docuseries, alongside Bangkok in Thailand, Osaka in Japan, Delhi in India, Yogyakarta in Indonesia, Chiayi in Taiwan, Seoul in South Korea, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and Singapore.


The episode about Cebu will, of course, feature the most popular street food in the city—their salty and juicy lechon. It'll tell the story of how Leslie Enjambre’s lola first opened a lechon business in Talisay in the 1940s then passed it on to her family. You'll also see how Florencio "Entoy" Escabas helped the fishermen in his community make a living with nilarang bakasi, a traditional reef eel stew. There's also Ian Secong's new take on the tuslob-buwa, which uses pig brains to create a thick, rich gravy and Rubilyn Diko Manayon's carinderia that's known for its lumpia or Chinese-style spring rolls.

Street Food is available for streaming on Netflix starting April 26.         

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