Too Hot to Handle Is Back With a Cast of Instagram Models

The hit Netflix dating show returns with more rule-breaking contestants.

Too Hot to Handle is back. Yes, really! As it turns out, you didn’t imagine the raunchy Netflix reality show in a quarantine fever dream last March—it happened. And it’s back for a Season Two, with an all new cast of flawless Instagram models, who are supposedly all so goddamn gorgeous in real life that they can’t keep their hands off one another for more than an hour.

If you need a refresher, the premise is this: a bunch of conventionally hot, sex-driven singles from all over the world are tricked into believing they are coming onto a Love Island-esque reality show at a tropical villa. Soon after they arrive, a cone-shaped AI descends upon the party to inform them that really they are there to learn to form deeper connections through workshops, and all sex is banned! No kissing, heavy petting, or sex is allowed on the retreat—and if it happens, it’ll result in a deduction from the communal prize pot of $100,000. This tried and true method will surely result in the participants forming valuable emotional bonds.

But that isn’t the only way in which the premise is flawed. The full prize money is split by all ten contestants if they don’t break the rules at all. So that’s ten grand per person, if no one does any illicit touching, which spoiler alert—they do. Yes, these models are on a Netflix show and will go on to make several thousand dollars per Instagram post after the show airs. Most of them probably already did before. Which is likely why, by the first five minutes of Episode Two, these people are all making out with each other. But of course, the real raison d'être for Too Hot to Handle is for us to get to watch them make out, anyway. So, without further ado, meet the cast of Season Two, via their Instagrams.


Cam Holmes

Cam Holmes is a 24-year-old Welsh model and personal trainer, who makes a strong first impression in the first episode with a Gollum impression that'll surely seduce the ladies of the villa.

Chase Demoor

The 25-year-old TikTok star and football player plays on the Houston Linemen, which is part of the Spring League.

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Emily Faye Miller

Emily is a London-based—you guessed it—model.

Carly Lawrence

The 24-year-old model is a Toronto native and a self-proclaimed man-eater.

Kayla Jean


Kayla Jean is 26 and hails from the Sunshine state, where she bartends and models.

Nathan Webb

The Texas-based Brit is a former stripper—and he's quick to demonstrate that he's still got the moves.

Larissa Townson

Hailing from New Zealand, 28-year-old Larissa is a model lawyer!

Peter Vigilante


The baby of the cast, Peter is a 21-year-old personal trainer and TikTok star from Staten Island.

Melinda Melrose

Melinda is a 28-year-old model based in New York.

Marvin Anthony

The 26-year-old Parisian model's Instagram is, sadly, private.

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