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Something very important returns in the new Game of Thrones teaser

Season seven is coming.

Here's a story about a sword—one that appears in the new teaser for Game of Thrones Season Seven: Ned Stark, before his untimely death, had a greatsword called Ice made of Valyrian steel. Once he's beheaded by then-King Joffrey, the sword is melted down by Tywin Lannister into two longswords. One of these is given to Jaime Lannister, who then gives the sword to Brienne of Tarth to help her rescue and protect Sansa Stark. Brienne gives it the name Oathkeeper and finds Sansa and swears allegiance to the Stark family. If this made any sense, you can now watch the below teaser.

Yep. That was it.

Some say the hand holding Oathkeeper in this teaser isn't Brienne's. Some say it belongs to Ser Davos. Others say it's just a random prop person who posed with the sword for a shoot. Reddit thinks it's actually the prophesied sword of the Azor Ahai, whatever that means.

Or maybe we'll just have to wait until the season debuts this summer.

[h/t: Watchers on the Wall]

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