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Operation Child Endangerment: 5 Times Kids (On Netflix) Saved the Day

Fun-sized scene-stealers.

Kids run the show on these Netflix Originals. They don’t need age or experience (or height) to steal the show—they’re doing it all on their own with their snappy one-liners, well-executed performances, and overall stage presence, courtesy of the talented actors behind their characters.

These pint-sized personas have eclipsed their adult colleagues on more than one occasion, quickly becoming fan favorites around the world. Here are five kids from Netflix shows proving how unnecessary adults are at saving the day:

(WARNING: Major spoilers ahead if you have yet to see these shows)

1| Erica Sinclair from Stranger Things


Erica Sinclair is the nightmare sister who grew on us. Season 2 introduced her as Lucas’ annoying little sister, but Season 3 showed us the true potential of Erica’s (evil) genius.

Now a full-fledged member of the gang and assumed leader of The Scoops Troop, this 10-year-old heroine has no qualms about talking down at 40-something private investigators. Instrumental in shutting down the underground Russian facility, Erica has won over Twitterverse, garnering a solid cult following with the hashtag #Erica2020.


Played by: Priah Ferguson

2| Number Five from The Umbrella Academy


Anti-social, egotistical, and prideful—you could only be talking about prepubescent teenagers whose frustrated traits are embodied in Number Five. He might drink too much and swear too much, but this kid’s abilities to warp time and space are among the most powerful of The Umbrella Academy, matched only by Vanya Hargreeves. Snarky disposition aside, he went through hell and back to save the world, despite going through puberty twice. Poor kid.

Number Five’s eligibility to make it on this list is dubious—he is, after all, a cranky old man stuck in a 13-year-old body. But with the actor’s brilliant portrayal of such a tricky role, he definitely deserves a place on this list.

Played by: Aidan Gallagher

3| Sunny Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events

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The youngest member of this list, Sunny Baudelaire isn’t even old enough to form coherent words but she’s saved her siblings from sticky situations more times than she can count (which she can’t).

This super-kid/toddler might need her siblings to carry her around, but she can bite through anything, cook everything, and play poker like a pro. Her often offensive one-liners, translated from babytalk via subtitles, are some of the best lines in the show.

Played by: Presley Smith

4| Quentin from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Quentin might be dead, but even ghost children deserve recognition.

You can credit (or blame) Quentin for marking the beginning of Sabrina Spellman’s journey to being the Harbinger of Hell. In the show that had people up in arms at its fearless Satanic themes, Liam Hughes portrays Quentin, one of the harrowed children of the Academy of Unseen Arts who helps Sabrina escape her own harrowing. The fictional minor character became symbolic for the very real issue of extreme bullying, launching the hashtag #JusticeForQuentin that trended for weeks after the first season came out.


Played by: Liam Hughes

5| Nell Crain from The Haunting of Hill House


Even in the afterlife, Nell Crain managed to reconnect her broken family despite her horrific methods. As a kid, she experienced the most nightmarish memories of the Bent Neck Lady while living in Hill House, and it was through her experiences that we saw the story unfold.

Representing the last of the five stages of grief (acceptance), Nell was the catalyst that brought her family back together, even if she didn’t get a happy ending herself. Being relegated to haunt a house for the rest of your afterlife is hardly a happily ever after.

Played by: Violet McGaw

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