Dog Owners Prefer Action Series, Cat Owners Prefer Sci-Fi, Says This Study

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Today in kind of pointless but also mildly amusing data studies: everything you absolutely need to know about how people watch Netflix with their pets.

In a study entitled Netflix and Woof, the big red N reports some truly pressing facts about our species' entertainment habits. According to the study, 58 percent of people find pets to be great binge partners. The study was even rigorous enough to report the reasons why: Unlike humans, pets never indulge in spoilers, are always down for one more episode, and never hog the remote. Most of all, empirical evidence suggests that the snuggles are a main reason why people watch with their pets. Review the salient findings of Netflix and Woof in this infographic:



Furthermore, Netflix's study also showed that 22 percent of people have talked to their pets about the show or movie they were watching, and that 22 percent have also bribed their pets with treats to watch for longer. A smaller portion of the sample (12 percent) identifies as having turned off a show because their pets didn't appear to like it.


Lastly, dog owners are more likely to choose action series like Narcos and Marvel’s Daredevil, while cat owners prefer sci-fi series like Black Mirror and Star Trek Discovery. Meanwhile, bird lovers—please keep that dirty innuendo to yourself, young man—go for comedies like Orange is the New Black.

However, statistics on how teacup pig owners respond to Okja are not yet available.

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