Even Quentin Tarantino Is Joining the NFT Bandwagon


Famous, and sometimes infamous, director Quentin Tarantino is jumping onto the NFT bandwagon with a crypto sale that no film buff will be able to ignore. 

The Oscar-winning director will be transforming seven pivotal scenes from his career-defining film Pulp Fiction into “secret” NFTs. Each artwork/NFT will include digital excerpts of the original script and audio commentary from Tarantino, and each NFT will also reveal “secrets about the film and its creator."

The director revealed his move into NFTs at the NFT.NYC crypto conference in Times Square. The first NFT will be sold in about a month and will be auctioned off on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. 

Tarantino is not the only director getting into the NFT craze. David Lynch and Wong Car Was have also taken to turning their movies into digital collectibles, and it was actually Eli Roth who introduced the director to NFTs. 

“The more I started to think about it,” he said at the event, “the more I started to think, ‘This is a neat idea. This is really kind of cool.’”

“There’s no amount of money in the world that would [make me give up] my original script,” Tarantino went on, comparing the text to an original poem by Keats or a Matisse painting. “It’s not worth it to me to sell it, and it’s not worth it to me to put it in a museum and have it sit in a glass case. But doing it this way… I think it’s an exciting thing,” he added.


NFTs continue to boggle the mind, but in the end, it all comes down to giving value to art, film, movies, and the like. This new brand of art investment might be reliant on the ever-unstable crypto market, but the worth it gives pieces of art is still priceless regardless of the crypto or non-crypto currency.

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