5 Sex-Obsessed Netflix Movies That Would Scandalize the F Out of MTRCB

Most probably Rated X.
IMAGE 365 Days / Ekipa Sp. z o.o.

So, MTRCB wants to regulate Netflix and other streaming services that have made their way to the Filipino net. We have so many thoughts on this ludicrous proposal, but Senator Grace Poe summed it pretty nicely for us: “Ridiculous.”

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Since the MTRCB, which has no power to censor and only the right to classify, wants to regulate Netflix, we’re listing down the five films and series that would scandalize the shit out of the board.

This might come back to bite us in the ass if they try to censor these movies and series from Filipino Netflix, so get your eyes full of these scandalous films before they get there.

Here are the movies and shows that would never see the light of day in a Filipino cinema. We warn you: These programs are most probably rated X. It contains themes and scenes that might not be suitable for young audiences. Parental guidance is definitely not advised. Things might get awkward.

The gist of all of movies and series is pretty much the same: sex, sex, and more sex.

1| 365 Days

2| Dark Desire


4| Amar

5| Too Hot to Handle




It might not be on Netflix in the Philippines right now, but God help us when that day comes. Plot? Hint: 10 Movies Where The Actors Have Actual Sex

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