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The MCU Bromance: Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie's Most Chaotic Interviews

These live in our head rent-free.

God Bless Marvel for making The Falcon and the Winter Soldier happen because it’s given us the best content there is: countless chaotic interviews with the ultimate Odd Couple, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Not only do we get to see the pair bicker on the show, but we also get to witness the most wholesome bromance in entertainment.

This new phase of the MCU is giving these two previously underutilized stars the spotlight they deserve as co-leads in this exciting new era for Marvel. And it’s giving us #Stackie fans plenty of video interviews to binge while we wait for each episode to drop. The indomitable Mackie and the kooky Stan are the on-screen and off-screen pair who we need to see in a reality show. Now that would give Disney+ the best ratings.

Here are the Odd Couple’s best and most chaotic interviews (from pre-pandemic to now) that live in our head rent-free.

“No couch will ever be as firm and as soft as your thighs.”

“I call you Vanilla sensation.”

“Have you ever been sat on?”

“Which way is the beach, Sea Bass?”

"I want someone to look at me the way Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie look at each other.”

“Red Wing is played by Elijah Wood.”


“He’s going to get arrested because he’s killing all the ladies. Pow pow pow.”

"One guy literally has a bag full of juice boxes for Tom [Holland].”

“Your suit matches your eyes.”

“That’s my safe place, in your blue eyes.”


“Squatting is my passion, not my purpose.”

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Mackie does Shakespeare like a boss: “Thou, nature, art my goddess.”

Stan shoots his shot with Sharon Stone: “There’s hope yet for us.”

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