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Spider-Man Fan Theory Says We've Already Met The Next Film's Villain

A surprise return for Dr Octopus?

A new fan theory says that we've already met the next Spider-Man villain in the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home, and that they were hiding in plain sight all the time.

The theory runs thus. Late on in the film, we see a scientist-type fella taking some information on his phone, presumably from EDITH, the Tony Stark-designed interface. Except this is no ordinary scientist-type fellathis is scientist-type fella popularly known as the "box of scraps" scientist from Iron Man, who took a bollocking from Jeff Bridges' Obadiah Stone for not being able to put together an Iron Man suit for him and protested, "I'm not Tony Stark". He's a bit of a fan favourite, but the theory says this could be the start of bigger things for him.

As Reddit's own u/MohamedxSalah put it: "Maybe in the next movies or so we would see him using stolen AI information from EDITH to build his own AI that he would implement in the famous octopus arms as away [sic] to get fame and money...TO BEAT TONY STARK, even if that by stealing and modifying Stark tech".


Mo goes on to suggest that having been belittled by Stone and his next boss, Mysterio, he'd be ready to show the world what he's got by finally building that mechanical suit that always eluded him, and become Dr Octopus.

So far, though, the Tom Holland-era Spider-Man has yet to battle any big bad used during the Tobey Maguire years, so it's doubtful whether Dr Octopus would be the next villain Marvel turn to. Also, this scientist's name is William, not Otto. And Peter Billingsley, who plays him, hasn't acted regularly in about a decade. Apart from that, it's watertight.

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