The First Spoiler-Free Reviews For Spider-Man: No Way Home Are In

Does it live up to its massive hype?

The day that I’ve been dreading is finally here. The much-anticipated third Tom Holland Spider-Man film, No Way Home, just had its world premiere in Los Angeles. I’m dreading this day not because I hate Spider-Man. In fact, I think I’ve established that I am the resident Spidey guy here. I’m extremely upset because in a couple of days, the movie will hit every major cinema in the entire world—except here in the Philippines, despite numerous petitions and public outcry. This means spoilers will run rampant on every corner of the internet. Why, god? Why? 

Some critics and members of the media who were blessed by the Spider-gods to be a part of the premiere have already been posting their initial reactions and reviews as the embargo was officially lifted. Does Spider-Man No Way Home live up to its massive, bigger than Avengers Endgame hype? Here’s what the first few lucky viewers have to say.

Damn. By the looks of it, the movie has the makings of being the best Spider-Man movie yet. This makes me even more depressed that I won’t be able to see the film for the next three weeks or so. I’ll forever hate you for this, Columbia Pictures Philippines—or whoever made this horrible decision. It’s time to stay off the internet until January 8 or, at the very least, mute all Spider-Man-related topics and keywords on Twitter. Or not. It's your funeral.

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