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Still Suffering From Squid Game Hangover? Here's What to Watch Next

Warning: these are not for the faint of heart.

What should you watch after binge-watching a gory, brutal, survival-of-the-fittest series? Even more bloody thrillers, of course. It’s hard to follow up Squid Game with a happy-go-lucky series, so if you’re still in the mood for blood and guts, here are a couple of shows and movies that’ll keep the bloodlust flowing. 

1| As The Gods Will 

Watch this if you like the gamification of survival of the fittest. This game of death is played by teenagers, but that doesn't make it any more child-friendly. As The Gods Will is based on a manga that's actually even more gruesome than the live-action adaptation. 

2| Battle Royale

Lord of the Flies should have taught us that kids don't do well when left alone on a deserted island. One of the absolute greats in the niche theme of "survival of the fittest," Battle Royale will make your jaw drop multiple times from the sheer originality (and violence) of this astounding film. 

3| The Purge

Decidedly unique in its plot, The Purge is set in a utopian-slash-dystopian America where crimes are all legal for a 12-hour period every year. What ensues is violence and carnage, both of which are a curious look at the human penchant to, well, wreak havoc. 

4| Alice in Borderland 

Another Netflix release, Alice in Borderland also follows a group of people attempting to survive dangerous death games. This show is a little more focused on the gamification theme than Squid Game as Alice in Borderland also follows a gamer main character who is using his wits to survive. 


5| Sweet Home

Sweet Home is more focused on survival than games as the villains of this show aren't gamemasters, but actual monsters. Follow a couple of neighbors attempt to survive a monster apocalypse and come out the other side as the last man standing. 

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