A New Leak Has Fans Worried Star Wars IX Will Have Another Death Star-Adjacent Super Weapon

This is starting to sound like 'Return of the Jedi 1.5.'
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You would imagine that after two Death Stars and Starkiller Base (basically a bigger Death Star), the bad guys in the Star Wars universe would realize that creating a massive super weapon is never a very great evil plot. But, that might not stop Kylo Ren from giving it a shot, according to new rumors about Star Wars IX. 

A new leak of Star Wars IX concept art details this scene featuring Kylo Ren and plans of a new death contraption:     

Kylo Ren inside his throne room, assumed to be the headquarters of the First Order, viewing a hologram form a device held in his hand. Kylo appears to be examining three large super weapons that are in a cylindrical shape with an enormous engine on each side of each super weapon of this ship/weapon, destroying terrain on a planet. The engine burner is colored red and the blast from the bottom of these three massive weapons is colored blue, impacting a surface causing astronomical destruction. Parts of the weapon seem to be under construction and not finished. 

As fans have noted this description could be of World Devastators from the Star Wars extended universe. As the Star Wars wiki describes these things:     

Although it is debatable if the World Devastators were deadlier than the Death Star, they were undoubtedly more efficient. The Death Star could merely destroy worlds, while the World Devastators could use a targeted world's material resources for the Empire's benefit. A Devastator's primary tactic was to land on the surface of a planet. There, its mighty tractor beam projectors would literally tear the planet beneath it apart, thus making them "planet killers." Thus, the World Devastators functioned similar to the Star Forge, which also harvested materials from a nearby astronomical object. 


Which seems like a much less wasteful version of a Death Star! 

Anyway, many of these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but it wouldn't be surprising to see J.J. Abrams rehash other tired Star Wars trends after his all too faithful Force Awakens reboot. Elsewhere, other Star Wars rumors seem to hint that Darth Vader will also make an appearance in the upcoming movie. It's really starting to sound like Return of the Jedi 1.5.

This story originally appeared on Esquire.com. Minor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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