Stephen King, the King of Horror, Approves of Stranger Things Season 4


It’s no secret that Stephen King’s works have heavily inspired the Duffer brothers. There are countless head nods to King’s novels in the Stranger Things universe. From the cursed town of Hawkins to Eleven’s Carrie-inspired bullying plot line, season four features the best horror pop culture references of the ‘80s. And if anything, King is flattered by the homage to his body of work. 

The iconic author praised the show in a tweet: “The new season of Stranger Things is really cool—as good or better than the previous three. There's even a Carrie riff.” 

But of course, in true King fashion, the writer had to include a little swipe at the show for cutting the series in two: “Is it the whole season or is it another one of those that's broken into two parts? In my honest opinion, that's kind of lame.” 

Stranger Thing season four is cut into two volumes: Volume one is made up of episodes one to seven, which have already dropped on Netflix. Volume two, which includes episodes eight and nine, is slated to be released on July 1, one month after volume one’s release. 

King isn’t the only one who’s complained. Fans were confused as to why the season was cut in two, but surprisingly, it wasn’t a marketing strategy. In fact, it wasn’t all that intentional at all. 

The Duffer brothers replied to King’s tweet, putting all the rumors to rest. And the truth is actually kind of hilarious: “Sorry Uncle Stevie, episodes eight and nine aren’t done yet, but we’re working as fast as we can! Glad you’re enjoying and that you picked up on our super subtle Carrie riff.” 


The real reason volume two is being released one month later? They’re still editing it. Good to know even hotshot producers and writers struggle with deadlines. 

Episodes eight and nine will be a total of almost four hours long, so the wait should well be worth it. Stranger Things season four, volume two will drop on Netflix on July 1. 

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