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Three new characters coming to 'Stranger Things'

The second season of the runaway Netflix hit will be set in 1984 and will be a direct sequel to the nostalgia-drenched original.
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If, like everyone at Esquire Philippines and the Netflix-streaming world, you've devoured the first season of Stranger Thingsyou'll be pleased to know that plans are afoot to add some brand new cast members to the upcoming sequel. (Read: Our Stranger Things review in the September 2016 issue.)

According to a detailed casting call released by The Hollywood Reporter, producers are looking to add two characters who will join the main cast next season called Max and Roman. Max is supposedly a 13-year-old tomboy who likes skateboarding. Roman's gender hasn't been disclosed, but he or she is in their 30s and is seeking revenge after a tough childhood with a drug-addicted mother.

Finally, there's Billy, who is 17 and the kind of person who "steals people's girlfriends" and drives a Black Camaro. (These casting calls pick out the most peculiar set of traits.) And, according to THR, has a "violent and unpredictable nature that shows itself to those closest to him, especially to ones who are younger than him." Well.


Beyond a ridiculously cryptic teaser, not much else is known about season 2, although it's been confirmed that it will be set in 1984—a year on from the original—and will be a direct sequel to the nostalgia-drenched original.

We do, however, know that the tagline that accompanies the casting call reads: "When terrifying supernatural forces once again begin to affect Hawkins, they realise Will's disappearance was only the beginning." Guess we're going to see more of those slugs.

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