Everything We Know About Stranger Things Season 4, Episodes 8 and 9

Stranger Things season four, episode 8 will be 1.5 hours long, and episode 9 will be 2.5 hours long. Get ready to binge-watch the last episodes of season four on July 1. 

If you managed to binge-watch all of Stranger Things season four, volume one in one sitting, congratulations. We hope your nightmares were worth it. 

After three years in the making, season four went above and beyond viewers’ expectations as Stranger Things officially graduated into the realm of adult horror. This season’s gore factor could very well be rated 18 for all its bone-crunching horror scenes if you know what we mean. The season answered all of our burning questions following season three’s cliffhanger, like how did Hopper survive? and are Eleven’s powers gone forever? But it also raised even more questions than it answered. All of this is set to be resolved in season four, volume two. Clearly, Netflix is trying to torture us after that mind-blowing revelation/cliffhanger in episode 7 by making us wait a few more weeks. Here’s everything we know about volume two.  

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When will season four, volume two come out? 

Volume two will drop on Netflix on July 1, 2022, just one month away. 

How many episodes will there be? 

There will be only two episodes, but both are expected to be the length of a feature film. In fact, the second episode will be a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes. Here are the chapter titles for each episode: 

Stranger Things season 4 episode 8 - Chapter Eight: Papa

Stranger Things season 4 episode 9 - Chapter Nine: The Piggyback 

How does volume one set up volume two? 

Beware of spoilers. 

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Season four’s first seven episodes unleashed earth-shaking revelations in the cursed town of Hawkins. The season’s climax was reached in episode seven when it was revealed that Vecna is in fact 001, Peter Ballard, and the younger Creel. All the roads of season four’s subplots lead to Vecna, the most powerful being in the Upside Down, who was banished into the realm by Eleven before she escaped Dr. Brenner and lost her memories of the lab massacre. 

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By the end of volume one, Stranger Things’ main cast is still separated in five locations/groups: Eleven is still being held by Dr. Brenner; Mike, Will, Jonathon, and Argyle are on the hunt for Eleven’s location; Hopper, Joyce, and Yuri have just reunited at a Soviet prison camp; Dustin, Lucas, Erica, Robin and Eddie reunite at the gate at Eddie’s trailer; and Nancy and Steve are stuck in the Upside Down.

The last two episodes, which combined are the length of an entire film trilogy, should see the gang back together again and facing Vecna for the first time. Episode 7 made it clear that Vecna has been killing Hawkins’ young to gain power and create more portals from the Upside Down, so by now, he might be ready for the first of many showdowns. 

Since Stranger Things will have one more season, we don’t expect Vecna to disappear just yet. Volume two might just be the start of an uphill battle for the kids of Hawkins.  

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What does this mean for season five? 

Stranger Things will end in season five, and there are still many questions left unanswered, like how the younger Creel gained powers, and why Brenner was trying to replicate them. Aside from the paranormal plot lines of the show, friendships and relationships still have loose ends. Who will Mike and Nancy end up with? Will Hopper and Joyce finally get together? We expect season five to wrap up all our questions with a little bow, but the season won’t drop until next year. 

So for now, we’re content with waiting for the epic fight scenes of Stranger Things season four, volume two.

Photo by Netflix.

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