Has Vecna Been Around Since Season 1 of Stranger Things?

Has it been Vecna all along? Beware of spoilers.

Jamie Campbell Bower was introduced as a supporting cast member in season four of Stranger Things, but we can all collectively agree that Bower was a scene-stealer as Philip, Henry Creel, One, and Vecna. The villain of season four is a worthy opponent to the Hawkins gang, one that’s become a larger-than-life figure in the Stranger Things fandom, because according to some fan theories, Vecna might have been around since season one. 

In the later episodes of season four, it’s revealed that Vecna was created when Eleven banished One into the Upside Down just before she escaped the Hawkins Laboratory and met Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. So, based on this canon timeline, Vecna has been stuck in the Upside Down since before the events of season one—around the same time mysterious deaths and disappearances began happening in the sleepy town of Hawkins. In season four, Vecna chose victims with traumatic pasts and appeared in visions that terrorized them and eventually killed them. In each of these scenes, a clock chime is heard signaling another murder by Vecna—a sound that has appeared more than once in the previous seasons of Stranger Things before Vecna was even introduced. 

In the very first season of Stranger Things, a clock chime can be heard when Will falls off his bike just before he’s dragged into the Upside Down. 

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Fast forward to season two, clock chimes can be heard once more at the end of episode four. 

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And in season three, a clock can be heard once more when Billy Hargrove (RIP) meets the Mind Flayer for the first time. 

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Fans have been going out of their mind with theories, proposing that Vecna has been the big bad evil of Stranger Things since the very beginning. Of course, the clock chimes might be coincidental on the sound department’s part, but is anything ever an accident in the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things?  

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, the Duffer brothers revealed that they’d had a 25-page mythology document about One’s plot line since season one. They didn’t reveal whether he was the big bad evil behind all the terrible murders in Hawkins, but they did imply that One’s mysterious back story was always meant to be revealed. 

Whether Vecna has been manipulating the events of Stranger Things since season one remains to be seen, but we won’t have to wait too long. Stranger Things season four, volume two is only two weeks away, so we might get answers to our burning questions soon. Or we might just get more cliffhangers and be forced to wait for season five for the answers seek. 

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