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Here Are the 10 Most Nail-Bitingly Tense Moments in Film History

Remember that 'Inglourious Basterds' opener?
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Whether it is a race against the clock to save humanity or the first awkward moments of a budding romance, cinema captures the most nail-biting aspects of life causing us to shield our eyes in anxiety.

If you're not of a nervous disposition and can cope with revising some of these sweat-inducing moments, then settle in.

CineFlex has decided upon their pick of the 10 most tense moments in cinema history, and just revisiting them makes for uncomfortable watching.

Here's the 10 they rated, in order...

10 | The listening booth scene in Before Sunrise

9 | The beach scene in Moonlight

8 | The dueling banjo scene in Deliverance

7 | The rescue scene in Saving Private Ryan

6 | The maid cleaning scene in Rope

5 | The wall hiding scene in The Raid: redemption

4 | The basement scene in Zodiac

3 | The bridge stand-off in Sicario

2 | The drug deal in Boogie Nights

1 | The climax of Back To The Future

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